One thing I have noticed about Council members is this. They come to us looking for our vote to get them elected. Once that is done they seem to think that they are City employees getting City money, which is taxpayer money, and do the bidding of the City.

They are the Board of Directors for the Owners of the City, us, and not the City

Glen Clarke didn't get a plaque in Victoria for the Fast Cat Ferry fiasco, but look what we have here!

Looks more like an exercise in self gratification than a tribute to an accomplishment.

White Rock Radio

Using my own money for this, not taxpayers

The White Rock water utility is designed to be yet another tax, just like ICBC, BC Hydro, BC Liquor Control, BC Egg Marketing Board, BC Turkey Marketing Board, TransLink and the list goes on. You won't like the list.

This site is dedicated to all concerned taxpayers of White Rock, past and present.

It is now and will continue to be a work in progress. It will be added to and edited with info. I find and the info. you send me. I will provide an email address or Twitter @whiterockradio.

Here you will find out who did not present to council an offer that would have amalgamated city and Surrey Fire departments that would have saved White Rock taxpayers $17 million over  the term of the contract.