The stories and information you will get from here will amaze, astound you and in some cases make you want to lose your lunch.

Soon you will be able to download and read for yourself the full text of the Office of Information and Privacy Commissioner's decision regarding the White Rock water Utility and the 5 things they point out the city is hiding.

Do up your seat belts and put your table tray in the upright and locked position. Its going to be quite a ride.

I  also need input from you!!!

Remember Glen Clarke did not get a plaque in Victoria for the Fast Cat Ferry fiasco but White Rock Council gets one.

Hi, thanks for dropping by. This is all new and I haven't done this for years.

This site is dedicated to you and all concerned citizens of White Rock and other cities where local governments, local, provincial and federal are completely out of control and out of touch.

What you will find here you won't find elsewhere because we are not on council nor do we rely on the city advertising revenue.