This an excerp from the final decision handed down by Chelsea Lott of the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner. 

GO here for complete decision, very good reading.
[44]White  Rock  is  withholding  the  following  information from the business case:
\the 2005 purchase price of the water utility;

·an estimated value of the water utility;

·borrowing limits;

·estimated legal and one time start-up costs;

·estimated debt servicing costs;

·estimated increase in water fees; and

·non-financial considerations.

[45]White  Rock  describes  the  information  it  has  withheld  under  
s.  17(1)  as being about White Rock’s projected valuation of the water utility and information
it believes could be used to infer its estimate of the value of the utility.

Every so often, the Board of Directors of Fraser Health meet in Public and the Public is allowed to make presentations and ask questions.
This web link will describe that process:
Note that the next Board Meeting open to the Public is Wednesday, June 14 as below:
Wednesday, June 14, 2017
10:00 - 11:00 a.m. Meeting
11:00 - 11:30 a.m. Public Question & Answer Period

Anvil Centre (Ballroom East)
777 Columbia Street
New Westminster, BC
It is too late for anyone to now make a presentation to the Board at this meeting, as under Fraser Health's process, a request to make a presentation needs to be submitted 14 days in advance.
However, any member of the Public can submit questions as stated here :
"Questions can be submitted in advance of each Public Board Meeting. If you are unable to attend, an answer will be included in a Board Brief posted on our Board Meeting Presentations page following each meeting.
Questions will be accepted up until 4 p.m. on the day prior to our Public Board Meeting. Anything received after this time will be addressed at the next meeting."
As Fraser Health is the overseer and regulator of the White Rock water utility, this is an opportune time to write the  Fraser Health Board of Directors and ask them whether they know what is going on with White Rock water and ask them what are they doing about it.  How long are White Rock water users expected to act as laboratory guinea pigs for Ph.Ds conducting chemistry experiments? ?
What involvement has Fraser Health had with the testing of brown water and the hundreds of water quality complaints that the City publicly stated it had received before it resorted to adding ammonia to the water at the Oxford site? If none, why not?
What action has Fraser Health taken to ensure that the Public's right to know what is in its water and the Public's  right to participate in what is decided about its water supply are fully preserved and protected? If none, why not and when will Fraser Health fulfill its leadership role to ensure clean, safe and reliable water for White Rock?
The list of potential White Rock water questions for the Fraser Health Board is a lengthy one.
I will be writing Fraser Health using the prescribed form on its web site and will make sure that you see a copy of what I send. It will be difficult for the Fraser Health Board to ignore concerns that the Public raises to them at such a forum the way that the City of White Rock ignores and dismisses Public concerns.
I strongly encourage everyone with concerns about White Rock water to please take the time to write the Fraser Health Board and share those concerns.  The cut off for questions is Tuesday, 4 PM, June 13, 2017
Thank you.

White Rock Water Utility